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Yeah, I ran into the same problem. I managed to get around it by right clicking one the app -> Show Package Contents -> Contents -> MacOS -> right click on "love" and select 'open'

Hmmm looks like there's a bug with the new line limiter. It takes effect one frame too late (causing a nasty flicker)!

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Kai... mate... legendary!

I'll dig right into this stuff this weekend+/when the next update is out!

1. Ok.

2. Yep, great, got it.

3. Sweet. (Is there an event or something to subscribe to to get the current letter y on every read advance?)

4. Great, yeah, the quad offset works well... except quads don't seem to draw on STM UI objects, only on Super 3D Text? Another 🐞?

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Hey Kai, just picked up Super Text Mesh, and it's fantastic! Would you please help me out with a few things though? (I'm on Unity 5.6.3p3 on masOS 10.13, using STM 1.5.2)

1. Bug? When read delay is set below 0.05, audio clips play straight through delays, same result with "Stop previous sound" checked (and also the reading seems to stutter at points, related to delay interpretation?) Video example with read delay 0.01:

2. Bug? I wanted to make periods excluded from audio, but clicking "Create New Auto Clip" doesn't seem to work...


3. Question! My goal is to set up my dialogue boxes to function somewhat like in Earthbound/Mother 3, where when more text gets appended, and old text moves out of the box line by line as more space is needed, see:

I was planning on doing this by getting the height of the number of visible lines, moving the STM object up, combined with masking out the old lines... but STM doesn't seem to work with masks for me, and I can't figure out how to get the height of currently visible lines... Any ideas? (It would be neat if there was an option to make "Line Count Limit" do this automatically, actually!)

4. Question! Related to the above, regarding alignment of multi-line text relative to bullet points. I was previously achieving this with TextMesh Pro using "•<indent=4em>This is some multi-line text that aligns a left margin nicely</indent>", any suggestions about how to go about this in STM? (hmm... if I could get the visible line count as mentioned above, I could manually instantiate some bullet images...)