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Poor masklings...

No, they don't. Try a new world, with a higher hostility setting. Maskling camps in 2.1 will have a higher proportion of warriors, and will attack you more aggressively throughout the game. The higher the Hostility setting, the more likely they are to specifically attack you.

I'm on low and they attack me nonstop!

They may not have any other targets. Their logic is:

  1. Roll percentage chance to attack the player (based on Hostility).
    1. Attack the player directly (if possible)
  2. Pick a random enemy settlement on the same landmass and attack them.

It could be that you're the only viable target for option 2

Are the enemy settlements other masklings? I have notice masklings attacking each other now.

Yep. Multiple tribes of masklings are generated during world creation, and they view each other as enemies. They'll usually have different colored robes.

I've noticed tribes having multiple settlements, but also there being multiple tribes with the same color. This can get reeaallyy confusing. Could you look into making sure maskling tribes can't have the same color? Or if they do they're all one big group?

Side note (When modding how do you make a race that auto-gens and isn't just created by you playing it? Is that in the javascript file?)

AI Tribes pick randomly from the available colors, sometimes there just aren't enough to go around.

During world generation AI tribes are placed, those are defined in the XML files. "wg_ai_placement.xml" in BaseMod defines the placement of the masklings. The ai_placement element defines what biomes the tribe will prefer, what territory size they'll prefer, and what javascript functions to use for generation and ai. I'm not sure how well multiple races will work, I haven't had a chance to test that yet.

Yeah. It would be neat if there were larger tribes with lots of settlements, and then there would be larger battles between tribes.

Also, is there a plan to throw in a DF-like option to abandon an empire and then still have it in the world to interact with?

That would be an interesting idea, but it could be tricky for game balance. The world grows over time, so a player starting fresh in an old world would be at quite a disadvantage.

What if your new player empire were able to send nobles bearing gifts to other empires that you'd made before? Politics would be a neat expansion.

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Will masklings have some kind of ships in the boat update? Because even in tiny worlds there tend to be multiple inhabited land masses and it would be neat if; after you conquered all the tribes if you didn't advance them enough they would be retaken by invading seafarers.

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I'm not sure if Masklings will have boats, depends on how difficult the AI is to write. Sea-born invaders is something that I'd like though, the sea people were a major element of the bronze age collapse.

A Viking race of high-health beings that come and raid your settlement, destroying a few buildings in the process.

Also, if you were to add some kind of upgrade tree for towers and archers, where they could either get better, or be fire archers, would be cool. The fire archers could do massive damage to ships and wagons, as well as structures.

Since the map has edges, I think it would be cool to spawn them from there. You could have raiders as well as trade caravans. For traders, you could require a special trade outpost building only available once you've made contact. They could be like the Harrapan trade settlements in Sumer.

As for the raiders, you could step up the raids as the map becomes cleared of barbarian tribes, or some other metric of game progression. Maybe they could even try to form their own colonies in addition to capturing yours.