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about your game: 

Plus Points: the music is good as well as the style and gameplay.

Minus Point: It took me a while to understand the game because of controls. and add a return/back button on how to play i had to restart the game.

waiting for your review and thoughts on my game.

Yeah I had this same issue. I couldn't close out of the How To, or the Credits. Also the How To Play looked like a slideshow, but i could only see the first panel and had no way to view the full guide. I just sorta started playing and learned as i went. Also, there was a bug where any time i clicked, it spawned a weed on that tile. so for fun i painted the entire level in weeds.

yeah only one flower near the thing and first panel of how to there were no buttons or info

I tried downloading the file and opening the Credits and How To Play, and indeed the button missed. I tried to click where I knew the button was, and the button was there, they closed, but for some reason the button does not show its text :(

Oh, that's a Bug with the capital B, I have an idea on why that might happen, but strangely it didn't show up in playtexting.. thanks for reporting it!

The "Back" button on how to play was there, but it didn't show up :( You could even click it, but the text did not show up, so you didn't know where to click. I'll review your game today, in my timezone is 7:40 am, so I slept until now XD

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happy to help and contribute. And 7:40am? I wake up at 10am lol