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Partymode!!! Really enjoyed this one haha. A bit of multitasking (because you also dodge meteors at the same time, not in a brutal manner). One thing that is lacking is more "party-going" feelings on Party Mode (not on a wasted level like clubs and bars do, since this one's safe for kids and teens). I can see that there's more fireworks exploding (just graphically which is fine) but some mild light flickering frames (or let's say a mild disco feel) and probably more intense things would occur, like... more graphic I'll just say, for now it's enough, but on a super distant run, it will get repetitive. I would commend how portable the game loads on our turtle internet. And here's a conclusion, out my enjoyment. Thanks for this game, that made me smile a lot starting at "Partymode!!!"!

Yeah I think we both would like to, at some point extend the game to have a few more 'areas' with different backgrounds, obstacles and maybe music, just didn't want to over extend for the jam. Pico-8 gets the credit for the portability, and I know the feeling, I'm on the same turtle-net you are I think. :) Anyway, thanks for the kind words