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(4 edits)

so there were somethings i wanted changed, i just didnt want to have to overwrite edits on the dev collab page because if my updates.

so i was wondering , if its not much trouble, could you do these two things:

1. the sonic mania menu screen song. (the select mode or whatever one) (

) Obviously not the whole thing. just a small loop.  i tried to convert to midi to make a music sheet for you... but uh......


2.extend the opening song a bit, maybye mix it up a little with the super sonic song from sonic 2 to make it more upbeat. i want it to last longer so that he gets into position before the song ends and so theres a bit more before it (if i can program it) does a demo. if you dont know how to go about mixing them or hit a artist block then the sonic mania opening theme would be fine... 

3. if you feel like it, the sonic mania opening animation song. i want to use it in the final boss and the demo screen

im trying to by ear make sheet music... its feaking hard, but im doin it 


im going to try

I did the changes. Fortunately, the main menu was a bit "easier" to transcribe. The opening animation song is long, so I made my own version of it (hope you don't mind).

If you're still curious about making sheet music, there's something called Lilypond that you create them... by writing code.

ive made sheet music before, and i use musescore. i will check that out though.

so yeah your own version is fine, i think tat would be cool. i may have some suggestions though.

nearly done with the edits.