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oh yeah no duh sorry :P

ive scraped that approch but will use the same values other than two sprite slots. i will just use the BG one sorry for confusion :P

actually, no, this wasnt made in winnitron. it was made in a newer fantasy console called the tic80.

just mentioning, my game uses a same feature (just for hi score) im using PMEM (0) and pmem(1)

basically it would be great to have a dropdown icon next to functions to be able to expand or collapse them.

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i will take:

game slot #3

sprite slot#3

map slot#10

maping spritesA

no music

no sfx

i would make a small version of pokey the hedgehog 2 arcade mode, but only pokey.

if you want, i could make a condensed version of one of my games. just tell me what slot you would want me to use. :)

I really am so amazed how much tic80 has grown sence its first alpha in 2015 or 16. i forget which.

but now, it is even being discussed on thepico 8 fourms. good job team tic. good job. :)

you have made a great fantasy console that rivals pico 8 and in my opinion, exeeds it.

and now other programs support it.

i am so amazed about how much tic has grown in its alpha alone.

keep up the great work.

thanks! adn yeah i forgot that lol

how would i go about sensing if a button is not pressed at all?

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sure thing.

you sanic fast with these replys man

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic sonund cut off bug.

hello. i wanted to report a bug fir the tic 80.

heres what happens and this occurs constantly.

if tic80 is open and you close your laptop, then come back later and use it, the sound is ~5-7 seconds late in all instances.

my guess is it has to do with the way sound is called in tic80 being deprioritized, making it become unsynced as other programs take priority over it.

ive made sheet music before, and i use musescore. i will check that out though.

so yeah your own version is fine, i think tat would be cool. i may have some suggestions though.

nearly done with the edits.

(4 edits)

so there were somethings i wanted changed, i just didnt want to have to overwrite edits on the dev collab page because if my updates.

so i was wondering , if its not much trouble, could you do these two things:

1. the sonic mania menu screen song. (the select mode or whatever one) (

) Obviously not the whole thing. just a small loop.  i tried to convert to midi to make a music sheet for you... but uh......


2.extend the opening song a bit, maybye mix it up a little with the super sonic song from sonic 2 to make it more upbeat. i want it to last longer so that he gets into position before the song ends and so theres a bit more before it (if i can program it) does a demo. if you dont know how to go about mixing them or hit a artist block then the sonic mania opening theme would be fine... 

3. if you feel like it, the sonic mania opening animation song. i want to use it in the final boss and the demo screen

im trying to by ear make sheet music... its feaking hard, but im doin it 


im going to try

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this stuff is amazing. thanks for implementing it in my messy af code Lol. 

only thing i noticed was when jumping the music was canceled out. (it whent back to normal when the sound effect is over, i was just noticing because the game has a lot of jumping)

im looking into it as far as why,

but this music work IS AMAZING.

thanks so much

also, no need to change somthing yourself... im working on a large patch

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nesbox got it covered. ( the imports i mean, pls still make the music :) )


hello, nesbox, so what i was wondering is is there a way to export the data of a song in tic and then import it into another cart?


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WOW! thats awesome! heres the cart! (if you want it, this is the wip cart, alpha 1 is on

to use the wip cart go here

And just thanks my dude thats ligit.

and it dosnt have to be the sonic maina title theme. classic one is fine or whatever one you did

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so my game Pokey the hedgehog 2 is in alpha 1. i need testers and people who are willing to help with certain aspects.

testers go here or my page. (to use comment below for key)


Is there a way to sync multiple people working on a tic 80 file at once?

things i need

programers... i just suck. :P comment if interested in helpin (i CAN NOT pay yah)

i have art and story covered... but would like to see if anybody can do better sprites...might use em if i think they are better...


thanks, and the one that you answered "...?" i meant like changing things like sound volume and stuff in game

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thanks. this will help a lot. thanks again

thanks :)

oh i figured out what some are for... confirmation. cool.

i made the classic tic 80 dude in the new style. anybody can use this.(even nesbox)

but heres my questions.

what are the other three sprites for?


why the jump in versions?

link to my config:

OH cool, so you can make logos for your game... i didnt know dat :)

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I am here to ask a few questions, that well... regard file size, posting on and more(Hence the title)

  • So... i am making a new game that has many features in the tic80 and have reached a character amount that is pretty high in comparison to my other works in tic80. i have reached 21851 characters on this game. and well, this worries me, because i have an arcade mode and now also a story mode, and the story mode contains bosses and many levels that needs a save system. so what i was wondering is, is there a overflow amount given? by this i mean if you reached the max and kept typing, would it let you expand?
  • How many pmem(#) slots are there? also, can you use somthing like pmem(NAMEOFINDEX) as a index?
  • how does one go about changing ram values inside a games code so the user dosnt have to?(like sound offsets and stuffz)
  • Proffessional tic80 exporter? i mean like maybye if there was a way to make the intro sequence not happen and disable the (esc) key from veiwing code on a export. maybye this can be built into the ticbundler.
  • Tutorials? I noticed my code is friggin HORRIBLE in comparason to everybody elses. i was wondering if you could do like a stream or a youtube series on how to maximize your codes readablity and really go all back to basics and assume these people know nothing and go about how to do any lua and all the basics to advanced.(plz do this)
  • on the website, can we post alphas as new games on the wip section?

well, on you appear to be killing off the old logo :(

is this true?

i like clasic tic80s logo more...

thanks! i needed a volume setting i made to change the volume of my horible music XD

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic Music volume?

i was wondering how one might go about changing the volume of music in TIC80. i mean like Music(0,0,0,VOLUME) or whatever it might be.

also, nesbox i am sorry for posting so much, but i have lots of questions and im working pretty hard on a new game.

thanks, jackj106 

hello! i was wondering if anybody was willing to help remix some songs onto the tic80.

i cant pay you but... i can give you credit in the credits and in the discription though.

so to be more exact, i need the following songs ported:

sonic the hedgehog main theme (sonic 1)

green hills zone(sonic1 )

boss theme (sonic 2)

i need these songs for a sequel of my game pokey the hedgehog. anybody willing to help just reply below.

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic how to include this?

this is a LUA library that converts obj to lua readable code.

problem is, if i import the library and add a obj file it gives me an error.

somthing about require not being a valid thing or whatever.

this is the code the importer requires you put into the program you have made

local obj_loader = require "loader"
local object = obj_loader.load("some_object.obj")

any fixes on how to do this?

it already was

i was wondering how one would use functions to make multiple instances of the same entity, for example a enemy that would travel across the screen.  i am hoping this can be done with really simple TIC80 api...

i need this so that enemies can spawn on the right and come at the player that is on the left moving up and down.

this my sound similar to the developers of nesbox and some others because i am remastering Pokey the hedgehog to be improved graphically and stability wise and also adding in a story mode (i might make it a dollar or so, reviewers with channels w/ at least 100 subs get free! (and whoever i choose to give free also))


never mind its working again LOL
TIC-80 community · Created a new topic not being cleared?

hello! i often use this setup for cutscenes

if frame==0 then ______ end

if frame==15 then ____ end


so here is my setup.(simplified)

function tic()
if mode==0 then t=t+1
    if frame==0 then map() map() map () end
    if frame==15 then map() map() map() end

however, when i run it, the third map that contains a 16x16 sprite overlaps its own frames. (the other two are backgrounds)

and map() is just simplifying it.

and i cant figure out how to get it NOT to overlap the frames of Map() 3.

is this  a change in api? because this stuff used to work. or at least with x/y's and variables and sprites

thanks, hope you can help,


(ps: i also tried containing this in functions)

what im saying is a patch file that would add the tic 80 functions onto LUA Vanilla(normal LUA). 

However, i dont need this anymore lol

(1 edit)

fair enough. maybye somebody will make an addon(like if you distribute the source code). i wasnt really fully expecting a model support to really come out, it was just some food for thought i guess :). good to hear about collison being a  possibility. 



TIC-80 community · Created a new topic LUA Patch?

hello, i was wondering, is it possible to get the librarys and special commands like print() and spr() into a patch to be applied to an lua development tool? i was wondering because i am looking into making homebrew nes snes gameboy or even ds games, and a lot of compliers use lua but i suck at barebones lua.