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Questions regarding file size, posting on and more.

A topic by jackj106 created Aug 26, 2017 Views: 407 Replies: 2
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I am here to ask a few questions, that well... regard file size, posting on and more(Hence the title)

  • So... i am making a new game that has many features in the tic80 and have reached a character amount that is pretty high in comparison to my other works in tic80. i have reached 21851 characters on this game. and well, this worries me, because i have an arcade mode and now also a story mode, and the story mode contains bosses and many levels that needs a save system. so what i was wondering is, is there a overflow amount given? by this i mean if you reached the max and kept typing, would it let you expand?
  • How many pmem(#) slots are there? also, can you use somthing like pmem(NAMEOFINDEX) as a index?
  • how does one go about changing ram values inside a games code so the user dosnt have to?(like sound offsets and stuffz)
  • Proffessional tic80 exporter? i mean like maybye if there was a way to make the intro sequence not happen and disable the (esc) key from veiwing code on a export. maybye this can be built into the ticbundler.
  • Tutorials? I noticed my code is friggin HORRIBLE in comparason to everybody elses. i was wondering if you could do like a stream or a youtube series on how to maximize your codes readablity and really go all back to basics and assume these people know nothing and go about how to do any lua and all the basics to advanced.(plz do this)
  • on the website, can we post alphas as new games on the wip section?


  • TIC has only 64K of Lua code, you have to be smart if you need more, you can use store your code in map area and use 'loadstring' function fro example
  • persistent memory has 28 bytes length, pmem operates with 4byte integers, so there are 7 slots available
  • ...?
  • yes, it's possible, I can make TIC-80 Pro which can export games without TIC mentioning and access to the code/graphics editors
  • I'm not good at tutorials/documentation and etc. maybe one day someone will do this for us :)
  • yes, WIP section is intended for this purpose

thanks, and the one that you answered "...?" i meant like changing things like sound volume and stuff in game