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Ok, fixed.

My submission game:

- Link:

- Game code: 5

- Sprites: 4 (sprites from 422 to 439 are not used)

- Map: Not Used

- Waveform: noise (1) and triangle (2)

- SFX: 4

- Music: 1 (4 patterns used)

(1 edit)

I'll take:

- Game code: 5

- Sprites: 4

- Map: Not Used

- Waveform: noise for effects, and triangle (or something similar) for music

- SFX: 4-7

- Music: 1

I did the changes. Fortunately, the main menu was a bit "easier" to transcribe. The opening animation song is long, so I made my own version of it (hope you don't mind).

If you're still curious about making sheet music, there's something called Lilypond that you create them... by writing code.

Glad you like it. Transcribing Sonic music was fun. I think the sound cancellation is because music uses all four channels. And the sound effects needs to use one of the four, so there are always going to cancel something. Maybe changing the channel parameter of the sfx() function will make the cancellation less noticeable.

I did it. Let me know if something needs to change.

Hi, yesterday I found your topic about Sonic music for TIC-80 and I started with the main title for Sonic 1 (I haven't found Sonic Mania's sheet music). Today I've made the Game Over song and I will continue with the boss theme (Sonic 2) and then, with Green Hill Zone. I will post here the cart with the music (It seems that it's not possible to copy and paste music from one cart to another... maybe I don't know how to do it).