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In such a game where platforming is critical the controls are essential. I think the platforming is a little unpredictable and floaty, especially with the double jumps - never know how far you're able to prance and it seems that hitting a wall allows you to shoot up really high. Nice use of audio to enhance the gameplay, good use of the counting down beep to lend a sense of urgency, and the gameplay was pretty tight with nice escalating difficulty.  There was one part which felt a little unfair when the player gets hit with a bullet right at the start of the level. Love the explosion effect too. Graphics could use a bit of touch up but for what it was it was serviceable and didn't detract from the gameplay.

Okay thank you for the feedback!


There WILL be better graphics (in fact, there are already), but we run out of time and we can't patch them in until the voting for the winner of the jam has ended. because that would be against the rules.

As for the platforming and the wall-bug, there has already been a patch, the platforming should be smoother now. We will take a look at that wall-glitch.