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This is the BEST robot building simulator i ever played!!If the game has damage system,I will throw my out-to-date RA3 or even RA2 away.

There's some questions and suggests:

1-Robots'names in the game folder are numbers like"000000.RR2Bot",sorting these are difficult.May you guys change them to"<robot name>.RR2Bot" in next version so I can sort my bots easily?

2-I've built a robot that has a  rear spinner,a 4-bar flipper,a 4-bar lifter and a actuated small spinner in front of it(The bot is Heavyweight class.Don't ask me why this thing haven't overweighed...).These weapons are independently controlled in my design,but it never happen in game because of the Buttons and Analogs the game given are just not enough.Can you add something like RA2-like controls in game?

3-Though it's probably hard for you,I still wanna have features that makes free-rotating shapes can be connected with other shapes as Rod-Drive,and Gears outside the bot driving a Spinner,lifter and more(like Bloodsport ,SOW,and SlamMow's).

4-I can't make a hollow shape(like RA2 Hollow discs)with Built-in Shape Generator.Will you add this function later?

5-BUG REPORT 1——If a wheel is added on a free axle,then the wheel will not work and cause some part of the robot went wrong,making the robot unplayable.

6-BUG REPORT 2——When robots was selected into a battle and one of them has been immoblized,the countdown will NOT start at first and I need to reset the battle for a countdown.

7-BUG REPORT 3——Some robots will be throwed into air when a battle is not started,and some of these will be unable to control.

8-BUG REPORT 4——The old D.B.,which can be toggled for testing,will be sent into air at first,and lost its iconic sawblade weapon when it stopped bumping around the test cage.

Well done!  Thank you for these!

By any chance have you checked out our Discord server?  If you are interested there is a pretty active community discussing bug fixes and where we are going with the game.  

1. Fixing naming and file handling is on our critical path to Beta.  It will definitely be something that we will need to address.

2. We can definitely take it under advisement.  No promises.

3. We have to think very carefully about every mechanism that we put in the game.  It needs to be both possible and stable given Unity's PhysX engine.  Some arrangements create wobbly messes (think chain linkages) that aren't at all suitable for our purposes.  If you have a particular design in mind that you can draw, we would love to hear about it in Discord.

4. Hollow shapes are hard!  The reason is Unity PhysX doesn't actually support them.  You have to make them from a series of convex shapes arranged in a circle, and this creates all sorts of performance issues.  It is something we can look at though, but we have to be very careful to not tank the game's performance in the process.

BUG REPORT 1——I have to admit, I haven't even tried adding a wheel to a free axle yet.  Nice catch!

BUG REPORT 2——The countdown time should start after 5 seconds of immobilization.  Not sure what is going wrong here though...

BUG REPORT 3——If it isn't too much trouble would you mind joining the Discord server and posting the robots with the bugs?  I thought we had fixed all of the instances of exploding robots (actually caused by an error in a script).  We could definitely use your .RR2Bot files for troublshooting.

BUG REPORT 4——The old D.B. (emphasis on OLD) is build using an ancient unity prefab and scripts.  We will need to rebuild it using the bot lab to make it work correctly.  Its on the list, but we aren't there yet.


I've joined the Discord,but I am in china and have no VPN so I cannot join the discussion or share my robot designs:( there any pneumatic 4-Bar flipper before I post this comment?


There aren't.  For now we just have simple rotation and linear actuation.  People have been able to combine the two to create something that moves in a way similar to a 4-bar linkage.  It isn't exactly the same, but it is close.