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Interesting take on the theme and a stealth mechanic. Unfortunately I think it falls short in a few places. I think the game could have used some more clear direction as to what the trap plates and debris do. Also the pulsing mechanic was unclear and hard to tell what exactly the tower was doing. The music I thought was done well and put me into the stealth mood. If this game were to have additional levels, I think it would be interesting to try moving towers or more than one. At the moment its too easy to keep the line of sight broken and just rush the tower to win.

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Thanks for taking the time to play it.  

Yeah, I agree with pretty much everything here and honestly most of that had crossed my mind at one point or another while I was making it.  I think I either needed a better "How to Play"section, maybe with some visuals or I needed to better visually convey what was going on.  Definitely gonna work on that in the next jam.  There's definitely a lot of ways it could be expanded if it was a project I was going to pursue further.

Credit for the music is on the game page.