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Game Dev Field Guide


In the spirit of McFunkypants, we in the Game Dev Field Guide community are looking to once again challenge the community to make a game a month. 

Participation in each jam is voluntary, there isn't a special reward or even expectation to complete consecutive jams. Your level of participation is also completely optional. You have the full month to complete your game, but you are not required to use any particular amount of it. You could make a game in a few hours, or the full month and anything in between. 

Voting will open for a week after the jam period and we encourage everyone to vote, even if you don't complete this month's challenge. 




Pre-Existing Work - You are free to work with any existing assets. This includes store-bought or self-made assets. If you have permission from the creator to use it, you have permission from us. The only requirement here is that production of the game itself must start and end within the jam period.

Content - Hate speech and bigotry will not be tolerated. Any submissions found to contain these will be removed and the author will not be afforded an opportunity to resubmit. Beyond that, any submissions containing mature content should be flagged as such. Failure to flag mature content will also result in removal of the submission.


Hide and Seek


Easy - Significant Audio Component

Hard - Audio-Only Game


This jam is brought to you by the Game Dev Field Guide community. The Game Dev Field Guide is a podcast with the purpose of educating beginner to intermediate game developers on the finer points of game development. Where most podcasts tend to focus on the broader strokes of game development as a career and hobby, the Game Dev Field Guide puts a focus on praxis and practical theory. The community around this podcast can be found here.

Participation in the Discord is optional, but it's an easy way to improve your experience with the jam and collaborate with other developers.


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Something is lurking... You'd best stop when it comes near...
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A game made for GDFG's Monthly Game Jam #1
Submission for the Game Dev Field Guide Monthly Game Jam #1
Avoid debris and trap plates while trying to get to the tower and deactivate it!