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It took some effort to get into the game mechanics, not too long tho, it was ok. For a better playability I'd suggest a config option to change the Z key, on a german keyboard (and don't know how it is on others) we have Y and Z reversed which make controls significantly harder. Many games have that issue tho. As mentioned before, the game has potential. I imagine possible upgrades, more machines, more ingredients, different customers with different behavior, and and and... possibilities are nearly endless. As for graphics, I like the simplicity, especially on food items and how they indicate clearly, how the food item is prepared. The music.. can drive one crazy if playing for a longer time period. So if intenting to expand the game, I'd consider another BGM or at least pauses or changes.


I will look into custom key mapping. I guess I should be able to implement that, I might look for a few songs to give the music a little bit more variation, thank you for your comments.