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Well you have an interesting art style for the game, though it seems there's also a decent amount of bugs.  Mainly the jump and the hitboxes, I'm not sure if something in your code is resetting or something but the jump at the moment is closer to a teleport :/

And the platform hitboxes are buggy in terms of collision, possibly due to them being lined up directly with the edges you have for the sprites?

The Health - Damage mechanic seems interesting, though I didn't get to mess with it much other than a bit at the "flame" boss on the second level.

Overall minus the weird camera angle on the second level and the bugs it's an interesting game concept by itself.

thank you for your feedback, i do know about the weird jumpimg but i couldn't get it fixed (honestly i don't even know what is the problem). And i also wanted to say that i wanted to create some more enemies, and actual fighting mechanic but i didn't have much time (don't get me wrong, seven days is a long time, i didn't have that much time because of personal stuff)