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oh, it works now, thanks for fixing it

it doesn't, i'm trying the "welcome file" and it says "Error importing file sounds => Error: invalid number format: 0,5"

when i try to load "base" so i can use  the base instruments, it says that there are problems with loading it

well, you can code it to have some scatter while shooting, but i think that it is way more fun this way

thank you for your feedback

thanks and yeah the code is kinda spaggeti :D    well most of the times probably bad use of functions.

And for the artstyle... i'm not really artist so the colors are kinda weird 

thank you for your feedback, i do know about the weird jumpimg but i couldn't get it fixed (honestly i don't even know what is the problem). And i also wanted to say that i wanted to create some more enemies, and actual fighting mechanic but i didn't have much time (don't get me wrong, seven days is a long time, i didn't have that much time because of personal stuff)

cool soundtrack and artstyle, good controlls... very Epic. I've finished both normal and hard mode

i see that you are a man of culture

Great Game!

thanks. i am now working on second ending to the game (good ending) and this is actually first game that i made

it costs 100$ to post it on steam

It would be kind if you wrote what you like or dislike on my game