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For some reason my pickerupper bots have decided to run back and forth between my two cereal farms. Instead of just gathering the nearest 6 cereal and popping it into storage, they're getting maybe 2 or 3, then running past the fertilizer/windmill to the other field and getting one, and then running back twice more, then delivering. Their orders are as follows: 

REPEAT(hands full) find, move to, pick up cereal

REPEAT(hands empty) move to storage, drop off cereal

on forever ^^

I dunno if it's a pathing algorithm, but they are most definitely not looking for the "nearest" cereal...


Yeah i think this might be my rubbish search algorithm. Instead of looking for the cereal nearest to the bot it looks nearest to the center of its search area. It's on my to-do list to fix. Thanks!

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i already notice that when my bots try to build new fences and after that i discovered the beacons. i just grin at that logic and spread out some beacons and all is fine. let that code in for the first two bot types and call it a feature and the next gen. becomes then a more logically ai code. x'D

Yes we'll be re-balancing all of the tech progression as we go. Thanks