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Can't wait for passengers. Heart eyes emojis everywhere for this game!!!!

You make it in the workerbot maker

Yeah, in window mode too

It also freezes the game when you tab out

I can also confirm this one, I found a friend all the way to the west

For some reason my pickerupper bots have decided to run back and forth between my two cereal farms. Instead of just gathering the nearest 6 cereal and popping it into storage, they're getting maybe 2 or 3, then running past the fertilizer/windmill to the other field and getting one, and then running back twice more, then delivering. Their orders are as follows: 

REPEAT(hands full) find, move to, pick up cereal

REPEAT(hands empty) move to storage, drop off cereal

on forever ^^

I dunno if it's a pathing algorithm, but they are most definitely not looking for the "nearest" cereal...

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Not a bug, not a suggestion: As I make more and more complex programs for my bots, the repeat loops are starting to take up most of the teach box... will there be support for setting up a full page GUI, or for the teach box size to be changelable? I ask because I can't read some of my programs now.

Just as a suggestion, I know you changed the full/not full from 100% to 95%. Is there a way you could make that number editable, such that I could tell a specific robot to wait until say 98% or 92%? And could you also try to make a similar thing but for empty/not empty where it'd be 5%? You might need a check in there to make sure the player isn't setting the numbers wrong, though...

I have made progress in the form of the most amazing thing ever:

Bug: I have a robot with a metal hoe going around tilling my fields, but sometimes he gets stuck on the last tile. When I open his code, it says he's on "Find Nearest Soil." Usually it happens when he's standing directly adjacent to the last soil block (adjacent being the 8 blocks around him).

Balancing: I've noticed that corn takes a very short amount of time to grow, so short in fact that, when the tile issue gets fixed, I have a feeling my planters aren't going to be able to keep up with my harvesters. Maybe slow down the rate at which corn grows? Or maybe that's an issue for seasons implementation, if you have a weather plan for the future.

I'd actually really like this, right now I have a bot just making a giant pile of straw in my cow pen

Possible bug I found: When a bot goes from storage to plant a cereal seed, its code says to look for the nearest tilled land. But when I was watching it, he kept running back and forth between the storage and a plot he'd already planted. In another instance, I had a robot putting fertilizer on Weeded Dirt/Land to turn it into soil, and he was putting fertilizer on tiles that still had weeds on them. When ShovelBot came around, the tile was a normal soil. Maybe it's to do with layering, but the bots need to look top down.