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First of all, nice game! I like the fact that you have to store the collected nuts in the shed. But then the problems start.

1. The game speed only progresses if the nuts are stored and the score registered. I don't know if this was intentional, but it encourages one to keep collecting without storing.

2. The game speeds up to impossible speeds. The moment I stored like 70 nuts, the game became extremely fast. Unplayably fast. It wasn't fun anymore.

3. When you reset the game, the speed does not reset.

Thanks for the feedback! 

  1. It was an attempt at a risk vs reward mechanic there. You can keep as many nuts on your person as you like and the difficulty won't increase. However, if you get hit by a snowflake you lose all acorns on your person. So do you bank the acorns and increase the difficulty or horde them on your person and gamble them? Does that make sense?
  2. Yeah, I was fully aware of that and it was intention because I didn't think people would want to play for that long so I just let it get faster and faster. It seems people ARE actually playing it for longer than I thought so I might have to update that in a future build. Thank you for letting me know about that.
  3. That's a bummer as I uploaded a build maybe an hour or two before you made your comment that was meant to have fixed that looks like I haven't.

Thanks heaps for playing and leaving me feedback, that's very valuable.

Update: I think I found the bug where the speed didn't get reset. I've uploaded a new build and would love to hear if it's fixed for you (if you have the time).

Yes, that's fixed now. However, I ran into a bug wherein I would get stuck after hitting a snow flake, until I got hit by another one. Happens randomly. Maybe I hit it just as it hits the bottom?

Awesome to hear one of the bugs is fixed at least! I've just uploaded another one after a pretty hefty refactor and I couldn't find any bugs here. Hopefully that's the last of those ones where you get stuck. Thank you for testing it again!