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Okay so we have some tasks for you if you feel up for it.

It'll be great if you could write some dialogue with Cheerilee as bimbo and non-bimbo.

The idea for her is that she's a new mid-twenty teacher (barely been working half a year) and wants the [Player] to feel comfortable in a new environment just like her. She's pretty nervous on befalf of her job, while strict at times.  

You could write some maybe 5-7 dialogue with her and the player, and they don't have to be long.

One could be about her worrying about twilight studying too much in the library.

One could be about her asking how the player feels in this new new school (Give some options to reply)

One could be where she slips up saying something about her fearing she's not doing a good enough job 

She has 1-5 stages as a non-bimbo

If you could work it in that in some conversation she shows signs of being a bit more jolly or less worried that'll be great too. That way everytime she gets a new bimbo level, a new conversation with her can be started. 

But it's up to you how may conversations you want to make with her non-bimbo form. You decide the lengh and what feels most comfortable. Does this sound like something or would you like a different task like random dialogues spreading rumors in Sugar Cube Corner?

Awesome! I'd love to attempt Cheerilee. I'll go ahead and start writing now, see if I can dish something good out by tomorrow night (within the next 24 hours or so.)

If I can't whip up something good, or if you don't like it, I'll attempt Sugarcube Corner convos.

Wonderful. Cheerilee's bimbo design is also up in the works if that's something you wanna attempt on or keep in the back of your mind

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"Pff, I've written like 2000 words in one day for short stuff. This should be easy."
*6 hours later, 4 AM.*

So I'm part way into Social Link 3, slowly moving  a faster rate as I go. I spent most of the day in front of the computer staring the page, brainstorming ideas. I have a lot of little things I feel are good that I'm tying together.

Here's her normal, non bimbo  route so far: https://pastebin.com/63ghyf4r

I'm planning in Social Link's 5-7 for her to make a study group in contrast to Harshwhinny's (assuming that'll actually even be a thing.) A lot of the students attending it will be boys who have a crush on her. Reason why, is going vanilla you end up boosting her confidence a lot and get her to interact with the students in a way that makes her feel less out of place. If you go bimbo she's a teacher in a secluded study group with a bunch of boys who like her.

So, is this going the direction you want? More of something already there? Rewrite it? I'll take any advice and orders you guys got. Won't hurt my feelings if you pull me off this, but I am having fun here, and I hope I get a shot at something else if so.

Pretty determined to finish thing and start working bimbo. I'm gonna have to research a little bit on what's a good type of descriptive narrative to use possibly, but I've had a couple good ideas for multiple things.

I need to sleep, will start back up when I awake.

Love the designs, by the way.

No you're doing great work here, really enjoyed reading through it. 

Since this is just a demo you don't need to have excatly 10 S-links like with twilight so just write what you feel you can. Things can always be fleshed out later.

As for Harshwhinny, don't think anyone minds having her around, we just try to keep the number of characters limited for now. But! Wouldn't mind drawing her non-bimbo form for this shot. 

As for the 3rd S-link, it seems a bit more time focused, depending on where the player is in the game before she tells twilight to leave the library. It can of course still be used, since it might still pass of as vague enough of her not knowing how much time the player and her spend.

As for the study group, sounds like an interesting spin on things good thinking. Could easily lead to some group action cutscenes, or a 'private' study session goign the bimbo route.

But yes nothing needs to be perfect, the important thing is to just have material to work with. Good job.

I too love a lot of what I'm seeing here.

S-Link 3 might need an 'if then' thing for if you've already spoken to Twi a bit, but it might be fun to gain social points with Twi by having this conversation with Cheerilee first.

That being said, Twilight is the focus, so this stuff wouldn't be seen in game until far down the line.

Did a little design on harshwhinny. Design is up for changing of course.

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Her height and appearance is intimidating. I love it.

Already interacting with Twilight was taken into account and was going to be reflected upon in social link 4, but as you guys pointed out, it's a bit of a silly thing to be asked to do if you have, say, already  reached Link 10 with Twilight, or have  made her go Bimbo already. Thinking of a good way to either reword social link 3 or simply redo it.

Alternatively, I could just make it so you can pick "I've taken her on a date to Sugarcube Corner," if you've already done that part. I was going to have that be an option in Link 4 of Cheerilee, with her being thankful, and showing very slight hints of jealousy.

Thought of how I'd like Link 10 to go, kinda just came to me out of the blue. Pretty happy with how it's coming together.

Family obligations came up so I don't have anything new just yet, but I'll make sure to give you guys  something again by Tuesday.

Cheerilee's Social Link 1-6.
Probably gonna skim through it tomorrow with a fresh mind for any mistakes, but here it is!
Question about Bimbo Cheerilee. Does her Bimbo path start by reaching any specific level in her normal path, or is it completely separate from it?
Tell me if you want me to change anything about it!

Pretty good, you're really developing the whole dynamic here. Good thinking on the optional S-link with the Twilight date.

What we've done for Twilight is that she has 10 S-Links that work s non-bimbo. Then after that it's her bimbo arc, if the player chooses to bimbofy her. So yes yes the normal path and the bimbo path are seperated. Cheerilee can maximum reach bimbo level 5 in the normal one.

Of course you don't have to do 10 S-links for cheerilee if you wish to proceed to her bimbo stage already. It's just a demo afterall. 

I swear I'm not making situations for you to draw new pictures, although I guess that's inevitable in the long run.

I've been reading up on smut for research, which is going all fine and dandy on my end, but I'm wondering though if there's a certain date or time you want me to get material or stuff back to you guys. If there IS a date to shoot for, I definitely am okay with aiming for it. As it is I'm currently taking my time trying to make sure what I'm writing in concept is solid.

Don't want the situation to be where you're basically waiting on the bit of Cheerilee's bimbo path before you shell out a demo. Don't like the idea of keeping you guys waiting.

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No there isn't any set date, it's just about being careful not to suddenly lose track of things. 

Right now it's all about the writing and the programming to move things along, the art has reached a point where it can quickly catch up with any new material that's out.