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Finally a Rocket League clone without that studid flips! :D ...and this is very well coded! Just some notes here...

Gamepad issue 1: no deadzone (impossible to go straight forward), usually 10% is good.

Gamepad issue 2: Due to crappy Unity, gamepad IDs are reversed (1P=Gamepad4, 2P=3, 3P=2, 4P=1). If it can't be fixed, can you make a gamepad number selection in controls menu?

Favor 1: can you add a full size fixed top view? If yes, don't forget to disable split screen in multiplayer. :P

Favor 2: an option to activate handbrake instead of brake when accel+brake buttons are pressed.

Thank youuu! :)

Glad that you liked our game!

We never had any issues with deadzones on gamepads. We promise to check them for the next update.

At least on Windows, the last gamepad to be plugged is player 1, the second-to last is player 2, etc. Selecting the controls for each player has been in our backlog for a while.

We think that having the camera close to the car gives the player a better feeling of control a speed. Having the camera far would reduce the action. Also, the field is way too big for a fixed top camera.

Can you explain again the favor 2?

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Nooooo please!! XD's a simple option to add a cam view! I agree, it lose in action, but gain in comfort and strategy. And who like me plays on big a screen (mine is 42inches) is not a problem. Here why I care about it, maybe you know Punaball, the Turbo Sliders mod:

Sorry but english is not my native idioma (i'm from Italy) :P ...I try to explain better the favor 2:

In another words, when accel+brake button are pressed, the brake input becomes the handbrake input.

As result, Accel+Brake becomes Accel+Handbrake.

Edit: becouse in your game is important to see the heightness, the cam can be positioned at sideview, like PES and FIFA style...

Ok, we'll check the accel / brake / handbrake input priorities for the next update.

To clarify, the second favor description is my request of an extra selectable control mode, the inputs works well!

I've just uploaded a "controllers dead zone demo". Did you problem got solved?

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Tested... the problem persist. BTW I noticed that the steer input is digital, not analog! In that case the right deadzone value is 40%. So, actually, is perfectly playable via Xpadder.

PS: I'm praying for the sideview cam, no need to make it a fullscreen fixed size, but neither too close.... oh pleaseee :3