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Nooooo please!! XD's a simple option to add a cam view! I agree, it lose in action, but gain in comfort and strategy. And who like me plays on big a screen (mine is 42inches) is not a problem. Here why I care about it, maybe you know Punaball, the Turbo Sliders mod:

Sorry but english is not my native idioma (i'm from Italy) :P ...I try to explain better the favor 2:

In another words, when accel+brake button are pressed, the brake input becomes the handbrake input.

As result, Accel+Brake becomes Accel+Handbrake.

Edit: becouse in your game is important to see the heightness, the cam can be positioned at sideview, like PES and FIFA style...

Ok, we'll check the accel / brake / handbrake input priorities for the next update.

To clarify, the second favor description is my request of an extra selectable control mode, the inputs works well!

I've just uploaded a "controllers dead zone demo". Did you problem got solved?

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Tested... the problem persist. BTW I noticed that the steer input is digital, not analog! In that case the right deadzone value is 40%. So, actually, is perfectly playable via Xpadder.

PS: I'm praying for the sideview cam, no need to make it a fullscreen fixed size, but neither too close.... oh pleaseee :3