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It's similar but different. Like magic quidditch versus muggle quidditch.

I've just uploaded a "controllers dead zone demo". Did you problem got solved?

I've just uploaded a "controllers dead zone demo". Did you problem got solved?

The default controls are:

  • Player 1: Right ctrl
  • Player 2: Q
  • Player 3: R
  • Player 4: U

You change change the controls mapping in the Unity intro menu.

Ok, we'll check the accel / brake / handbrake input priorities for the next update.

Thanks! Please enjoy the local or online multiplayer modes.

Is your gamepad configured as digital (binary) or analog?

Motorball Derby is a clash between motor sports and ball sports.

You must bump the ball with a vehicle into the rival team's goal.
No fouls, no kick button, no rockets.
You can crash into you rivals and block them – be sure they will.

Single player, split screen and online multiplayer.

Ready to play ball?

Glad that you liked our game!

We never had any issues with deadzones on gamepads. We promise to check them for the next update.

At least on Windows, the last gamepad to be plugged is player 1, the second-to last is player 2, etc. Selecting the controls for each player has been in our backlog for a while.

We think that having the camera close to the car gives the player a better feeling of control a speed. Having the camera far would reduce the action. Also, the field is way too big for a fixed top camera.

Can you explain again the favor 2?