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Getting a vampire in the first couple of moves always feels a bit unfair, especially when it happens a few times in a row. Unless I'm misunderstanding the gameplay, there's nothing deductive you can do until you've filled out a column/row to get a hint.

I wonder if there's anything that could be done to give the player the occasional small edge in that scenario. For instance, perhaps a random unused hint could carry over into the next round? Or perhaps a parallel progression system/shop could let you trade some blood to tilt the odds gently towards you? (Roulette Knight does this pretty well) 

Maybe early vampires just move out of the way (reshuffle) on the second move.


Getting a vampire early sucks but also the stakes are extremely low, you don't lose a lot. 

"There's nothing deductive you can do" thaaaaaaaaaaat's gambling! Welcome to Las Vegas 2024 baby

I agree. I'm planning on giving more hints for the first turns. Thanks for the tip, I will Roulette Knight a go!