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Woo! Congratulations!

The real ending

Hekk yeah! Mai looks different but in a good way. You made her yours.

This is so good. Love the color palette. The Earthbound / Undertale vibes are real.

I find it curious you increased the resolution but kept the limited color palette. I would experiment with the colors. The buns are supposed to be vibrant and delicious!

It multiplies the coins.

Not bad!

It's just the Famicom exhibition.

You can download any game in Itch using the Itch app.

Check out this

Not at all, go ahead. Post the link I will add it to the game's description.

@pixelpunker There are different RG350s. The RG280V has a higher resolution than the original RG350 but lower than the RG350M. Also you say no scaling issues but I see you rocking a 128x128 Pico8 full-screen on a 480x320 panel. If you can't see that it doesn't scale evenly I'm going to take your impressions with a dose of salt.

Zawa Zawa~

Looking forward to it!

I also wanted to add that I got the RG350M mainly because of your fantastic work. Thank you! 

Is there a way to change the screen scaling? I run it on an RG350M and the scaling is full-screen non-integer which looks uneven.

Congratulations! You did it!

That is understandably frustrating. What happened in the other 2 rounds?


Heheh. Thank you, I'm happy to hear you like it. I am indeed thinking about a potential follow-up.

Great minds ...

Thank you for your feedback, Rob. I totally get where you are coming from. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be much of a gambling game if there was a way to reliably determine vampire cards. It's just not that kind of game.

I will say that the chances are more in your favor than you make them out to be. For example, you can always chose not to gamble on a high-stakes turn. You can simply pass and still walk away with a solid sum.

LOL, Infinite Mode coming up!

I will add that, thanks!

Thank you for playing my game Ivan. You captured a fantastic playthrough there! 

I agree. I'm planning on giving more hints for the first turns. Thanks for the tip, I will Roulette Knight a go!

Good point. The difficulty is a bit too harsh right now. I'm planning to tweak it tho. Stay tuned!

You can download the game using the App.

There is none. But you can play the game offline if you use the App.


Yes, I was born in Warsaw

1) That is true! Rooms with a lot of enemies are dangerous.

2) Yes, it's far from ideal. 

Explanation: There is one grass tile type that is covering line of sight (to your right in the image, that looks like a corn plant). It is true that it's a bit of a gamble. In this case you can safely move up because plants will never spawn in the a doorway. Also, by definition plants can't spawn adjacent to each other. It doesn't solve all situations but it helps sometimes. 

I hear you. I might redo that tile to indicate the blockage better. This system is on the list to iterate on in a sequel.

3) If it's any help, killing a scorpion with any ability will avoid blindness. You have to evaluate if it's worth it.

Yeah suplex is less flexible. But you can suplex monsters into saws for massive damage and loot drop.

Scorpions won't cause blindness if you defeat them using abilities.

Thank you for the feedback! I was able to track down the bug. It should be resolved now in Version 3.

Hey I just tried to download it on the App and it's not working properly. I think you need to specify what platform the download file is.

(1 edit)

You absolutely can download it and play offline using the App. I've just done it myself to make sure.

There is no downloadable version yet. You can play it offline using the app.

You could also get Pico-8. It is available there as well.

Oh man. This is fantastic! Thank you.

Seems like you might be confused about the rules of the game. Check out the tutorial again.

If you are stuck you can move the cursor to the top-left box to activate super power.

How do you mean?