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So basically the author put few goods ideas mixing OSR principles with shared storytelling and called it a game. If it's a joke it's a little funny. If not...


Hi, I'm the author, and yes, this is a game. Get over it lol


LOL yes, sorry to be a little more demanding from a published game.


It's free and no one asked for your feedback. : )


excatly, I'll spend my time and money with more interesting people now.


"A few good ideas, some principles, and shared storytelling" describes nearly every RPG. Your comment is poorly constructed and mindlessly cruel.


Yeah a bit I admit it. But sorry I only see a joke here. I don't even understand why people are enjoy it. It mix the weakness of OSR ("do what you want with the mechanics") and narrativism ( "build yourself you fantasy"). The result is nothing else but an empty shell. The author's anwers tell me it's just a work without ambition supported by people with low expectations.


Don't insult the people who support this game. It's unnecessarily cruel. 


Whatever you think these comments are accomplishing they aren't, unless the goal was to look spiteful and envious. In which case GJ, A+


In reality, the only thing you have achieved here is ensuring that I will never read or buy any of your games docdandy.