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The influence for them was the movie The VVitch, hence the subtitle "do you like the live deliciously?"

The idea being that they are higher powers you can worship/petition. So instead of the traditional Cleric role, anyone can choose to follow one and live by the principals of that being. But they are also left rather open so as to inspire people to take them and run with them.

So there is no "canon" for them. Yet. I'd have to run a game where a player reached out to one to really figure that part out.

Changelog (2/23/23 - 9:37pm est) - post kickstarter

Whole lot of changes. Enjoy.


banger game!

That's something I can work on if I find the free time to do so. But until then, some of the great people in the community have made some. If you join the discord they've been made free to download.


just added some!

(1 edit)


I've always loved the idea of an adventure that's just a map. An illustration. And you've really nailed it here. The encounter table and the treasure table and a map. That's all you need. Killer stuff.

This is a beautiful read and a beautiful game <3

This is wicked. Thanks for the hacks, er, I mean, conversion mods. Saw Keatings in an NA server today so keep your eyes to the sky.

This game is nostalgic of late nights playing Halo 2 splitscreen. Love it. And the cover artwork is gorgeous.

I've added 1000 community copies to the itch page mainly because I feel bad for not answering some questions about the game for like a year >.>

You're correct about the d10 and thanks for spotting something we missed in editing!

Hey, as for the last question: I'd let them add dice whenever they wanted, simply because that could be super tense. But it's totally fair to limit it to only before. 

As for the monsters: yes, monsters roll 2d6+ whatever their attack modifier is. Tho, honestly, using the HD as a dice pool could be really fun. There's probably a cool hack in there.

I think it'd be easy to run solo by following the one-action-per-section-of-time rule, the bingo cards, and then a dungeon you want to explore. If you wanted to ask some other folks, check out the discord!

Hey, this is a very long time to respond, I think I just forgot that this was asked. 

The way I see it: - modifiers are parts of you that you don't like, or disagree with, or things you are *bad* at. I think that's up to you to decide. All that matters is that you will roll lower using them haha

The zines are separate still due to them using the old stats for mobs.

It could definitely be ran solo. There are a lot of tables for generating everything from NPCs, dungeons, and hex crawls. 

I believe so, yeah! The layout artist came up with that stuff so I'm not positive haha

the remastered edition has tons of community copies rn! but ill add a few here too

Yeah that'd be rad! my licensing is usually cc-by so go wild with it. lemme know if there's anyway I can help

Not at the moment but I can work on one soon

should be ordered next week and get here end of month

this bangs

Not at the moment. Tho i have some early thoughts about a "Return to the Palace" adventure.

Yeah, they should all be updated to match each other <3

thank you so much! i was really struggling with the layout so im glad it came through :)


haha i didn't know dropping the "to be" was "incorrect." That's just how I talk. Googled it and found out I probably got it from my southern family members. the more you know.

Changelog (7/22/23 - 9:41am cst)

Corrected all the most recent things pointed out here and on the discord. 

i truly don't know how to answer that question. it depends on what you do with it.

Full audiobook for your listening pleasure!

these are very good and people should use them!

It's definitely a holdover from when "traits" were in the game. I'll fix up that table!

lmao you're so right

Updated the creator kit "Songbirds Style Guide" with a short advice on Adventures.

Hey everyone, 

I'm hosting a jam:

So if you make something for Songbirds, go post it there. 

But also, I've added a creator kit for download along with the pdf. It has two compatibility logos, a style guide (wip), and an indesign file with several of the pages from the book so you can use them to make your pdfs. 

That's all,