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Hi StrayCouches,

We actually had a professional company create this ePub and distribute it through other ePub routes as well.

In time we'll have got to all our catalogue as well hopefully so keep an eye out for them

We were not explicit in this ruling but much like non-protective clothing taking up 0 slots so do other minor items that you may be wearing like a bag

Personally I've house ruled that the first backpack etc. is how you get your 12 slots and a second bag would take up one of the slots as it's tucked in, but as always agree what would work best for your group.

I hope this helps!

It should be fixed now

Oh, bugger. No worries I'll figure it out and fix the situation!

That was a case of the author changing their minds between the PDF and the print run and us not catching it. Woops!

Hi Red Beast,

A d66 works by rolling 2x 6 sided dice.
As such there's no linear list of numbers between 1 and 66 

i.e. I roll a 2 and a 5 this gives me a 25 which is the Fellowship of Knidos
I hope this helps

we're taking preorders over at our store right now

I believe this is the one we use, this whole family anyway

We're really glad you like it!

Hey Tom. The PDFs should be updated wherever you originally downloaded them. If not let me know and I'll fix that

Woops! Seems I left it entirely blank. Fixed now though, thanks for spotting it

Whatever you think these comments are accomplishing they aren't, unless the goal was to look spiteful and envious. In which case GJ, A+

Hi Fintach,

The PDF is the main file of the game, the other files that the download page are referencing are the free files which include the compatibility logo, the SRD with the pure text of the rules, and a downloadable file/link to the community Discord.

You actually only need the PDF to play though.

I hope this helps

Basicaly that's what it's for, armour takes up item spaces but what I use the wearing section for is for items that do not take up inventory space but I still want to remember.


Misc grammatical and consistency mistakes fixed (full stops in the backgrounds section, capitalisation etc) and the subsections of section 13 were misnumbered. Otherwise that's it. Nice and simple

The hard copies of troika going out are all gonna be sneakily updated. The changes are so minor that it doesn't even warrant a new ISBN so it certainly doesn't need you to buy a new copy. The only "significant" update is we fixed a mis-numbered section (14 I think?). You could literally update the book with a pen!

Some of the items are less obvious. In this case it's just meant to indicate that they will have some kind of fancy scars all over their body

All you sweet people who bought troika in my birthday sale raised about £625 (after itch and PayPal fees) for

I just got around to pulling the money out and shuffling it over. The government giftaid thing boosted it to £750something. Nice work all! 

ENnie bait!

Kingscairn: A Victorian science-fantasy city setting for Troika!:

Recluse of the Piper: A pamphlet dungeon for Troika!: