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There is potential here!

It seems you had the mechanics in place but lacked time to flesh out the content.

I'll try out the latest version when you upload it (after the votes I'm guessing). I'm curious about what you had in store.


Yeah, I have kind of this weird thing where I have to write a new custom game "engine" for each go at the jam. However this one is pretty solid (for what it does) so maybe next time I can just convince myself to use it but with a different concept... Eh. Who am I kidding? ; - )

I had a story and all mapped out for this thing, but (as you suspected) ran out of time to finish. The 1.0.3 update (that didn't quite finish compiling in time for me to slip it in) just has character headshots to go with the conversations. However, I would like to finish it properly, so maybe check back if you have a chance later?

Thanks for taking a look!

I hope you can make some progress and finish it after the jam!