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With the deadline fast aproaching, I think the main mechanics for my entry are finished.

I set up a simple menu for items, weapons, and options. (No weapons to choose from yet, just a simple "pistol" like thing)

For the shooting mechanic, the camera tries to focus the bullet. It looks a little weird and I'm open to advice on how to improve the effect. At one point I set up the camera speed to be fast to catch up with the bullet, but it ends up looking like it's snapped to the bullet. I also tried having the camera snap back to the player when they shot, and then following the bullet, but it looked very jerky.

The bullets will hit other solid objects or enemies they collide with first.

I haven't decided if I'll write a random dungeon generator or write some dialog and setup 3-4 "levels". With 5 days left it can't be both. x_x

It looks really cool now. Great development !
The bullet thing is real annoying though, I was thinking, maybe showing only the enemy and doing some shake + blood or something similar so without seeing the bullet we see the moment it hits? Bullet travelling is cool but not sure how you can solve this repetitive camera movement.