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I can make some short music for your game if you're fine with midi-based tunes (either simulating 8-bit sounds or regular midi/Garageband instruments). There's a few samples on my Soundcloud (not necessarily my favourite compositions, but I haven't taken the time to upload much over there yet):

Let me know if you want me to, and if so just tell me what sort of tune you want :-)

Sure! I guess since I'm already borrowing a lot from Zelda, the music could be in that vein as well? I'm thinking to begin with I need at least 2 tracks, an overworld one that's adventure-y and fairly happy, and a boss track that's super intense. Thinking 8-bit chiptune stuff. Would be best of they loop, of course.

So totally, go ahead and play around with the above concepts if you feel like helping me out! :D

No pressure tho, I've found some free music here that, in a worst case scenario, could also work, but stuff created specifically for this project is of course much cooler.


Allright, I'll play around in my midi program later today when I take a break from scripting and see what I can do! It's relaxing to compose for me so it's not a problem. But if I don't end up with any nice sounds, yeah, it's good that you have a back-up plan as well, haha. I'll let you know on Twitter when I have something (earliest late tonight, otherwise over the next 2 days).