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Day ??? now. These last days have been such a blur for me. End of last week I got real busy with other stuff, then I spent the entire weekend just working on this game, and then today I started feeling ill but tried to do what I could anyway. So I have a bunch of stuff to show you now!


I started adding enemies! The only implemented so far are the classic "slime" enemies that seem to be in every RPG ever. Their AI is super shitty, just walk in random directions, but eh, they're slimes! Slimes don't have brains.

(Oh yeah, you can also see the "area marker" in the corner of that gif, just shows the name of the area when you change rooms)


First I implemented simple melee attacks. Then I implemented spells, the first one being Fire. Currently, the S key on the keyboard uses your spell, and D key is melee attacks. All attacks use some stamina (the blue bar, recharges a bit every second) so you have to manage that in order to be able to attack efficiently. If I have time, I'll add more weapons and spells that you can change between.

Melee attack animations: (they're real janky, I know...)

Here's what the "getting hurt" effect looks like by itself. It's just some screenshake + RGB splitting, but it's pretty cool looking:

Increasing stats

Throughout the game, there will be a few of these statues that will increase one of your stats, HP or Stamina. These are single-use, so think ahead! The A key is for dialogue (see the pattern? Controls are Arrows + ASD, nice and simple!)

Angel statue sprite: (proud of this one, pico8 colors are great for stuff made of stone!)

I hope you like my game so far. Next step is more enemies, more environmental stuff so I can build the maps, then figure out the story and add in NPCs.

I still have no idea what to do in terms of music. I can't make music myself, so I guess I'll have to find some free stuff or someone to make music???


Arggh! Sound! I had completely forgotten for my own.

I can make some short music for your game if you're fine with midi-based tunes (either simulating 8-bit sounds or regular midi/Garageband instruments). There's a few samples on my Soundcloud (not necessarily my favourite compositions, but I haven't taken the time to upload much over there yet):

Let me know if you want me to, and if so just tell me what sort of tune you want :-)

Sure! I guess since I'm already borrowing a lot from Zelda, the music could be in that vein as well? I'm thinking to begin with I need at least 2 tracks, an overworld one that's adventure-y and fairly happy, and a boss track that's super intense. Thinking 8-bit chiptune stuff. Would be best of they loop, of course.

So totally, go ahead and play around with the above concepts if you feel like helping me out! :D

No pressure tho, I've found some free music here that, in a worst case scenario, could also work, but stuff created specifically for this project is of course much cooler.


Allright, I'll play around in my midi program later today when I take a break from scripting and see what I can do! It's relaxing to compose for me so it's not a problem. But if I don't end up with any nice sounds, yeah, it's good that you have a back-up plan as well, haha. I'll let you know on Twitter when I have something (earliest late tonight, otherwise over the next 2 days).