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Saw that ending coming from a mile away! As soon as he gave me a bow I was like, "Nah this dude is EVIL!" nifty little jam game. At some point after dying a couple of times my arrows stop going where the cursor was. At first I hated the particles but then they made sense. Glad you had optimization for if you already killed enemies when he asks you to do it because I had already wiped out half the map by the time he asked me to do the second mission. Dying wasn't really a penalty though, I'd maybe change that! Overall solid little game!


Writing isn’t my best skill ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I noticed this problem, didn’t have time to fix it, maybe I’ll release a post jam version fixing some issues

Glad you liked that, what was supposed to happen is e will tell you the mission even if you did it and the he will say “You already did it?” but because of some bug that didn’t happen, maybe that was for the better

I agree with the last point I wanted the enemies to respawn once you die but didn’t have enough time to implement it so made it so alive enemies will heal once you die

I might have added permadeath but I think if it’s a jam game this will turn people away after their first death

Thanks for your valuable feedback