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Wow! For a game made in 3 days, its pretty cool. I like all the visuals and sounds.

I'm not a huge fan of the player controls (especially turning). Also, the game starts with the camera sort of looking up from under the ground layer.

Out of curiosity, what are the flying enemies in the beginning ? 

We're happy you thought the game was cool, we tried our bests and made something to definitely be proud of! The game definitely has its share of bugs and like any gamejam game could have definitely used some more time rather than being rushed out the door!

Your question about the flying enemies I'm not sure I have an answer to though. We never really named our enemies or got a chance to figure out what they really were in super great depth since our team didn't have a game designer and we were rushing to get things together. Our original idea was to have the enemies be creatures from another world invading to steal energy from the pylons who would return home with it, but I'm not sure they had much more depth than that unfortunately! Hopefully that answered your question? If not I'm happy to answer it with greater details!

Yeah, I figured they were some kind of droids but they look like graduation hats sometimes ^_^

Thanks for the feedback! We never settled on the story of what they are but IMO tho are robots harvesting the crystals to take back home.

Thanks for playing, the sound effects were all hand made on a synth!