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Thank you so much for these great suggestions

That was a bug indeed he should give you a new target once the last is killed

Someone else told me about how underpowered the sword was

making the attack freeze the player was to give the attack some risk inspired by Zelda and Dark Souls, how do you think it could be better, should I make it shorter? or just remove it?

and for the sword enemies I agree they are so easy I made faster in the last minute and thought that will fix them but apperantly no I guess another reason for this is the environment they’re in maybe I should have put them in a smaller space which will give them some advantage over the player, if you shoot an arrow at them while they are attacking they will actually block it so I guess that’s a shield maybe?

I actually only made the world in the last day that’s why it’s not that good and I’ll make sure to give the level design and world building more priority next time I make a game

I wanted to make things closer but I don’t think unity has an option to move tiles after being placed, not sure about that

I agree about the sound thing as well there were many sounds that I didn’t have time to add e.g: when the weapon os ready, when you try to attack using a weapon that isn’t ready yet, etc…

I noticed the collider issue and I didn’t know how to fix it thanks for providing a solution to it

again thanks so much your suggestions are pure gold to me