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Hi! Amazing game! 

I configured the demo in my arcade pc with crt and displays perfect at 240p without any filter.

I have ps2 pads wich I rewired to the arcade buttons. But they are messy and I have to reorder them via config.

In previous demo version I got it working fine with x360ce (a program that emulates xbox pads).

In last demo version I have problems because the direct input pads are always detected, so if you press a button you are pressing to pads.

Can you make a toggle to change between dinput and xinput? or maybe an option to remap buttons?

Many thanks anyway and congratulations for this game!

I may need to look into this But I don't think direct input pads should work by default.

Is it possible the pads have been setup to work with another opengl game and DP2 is using the same config?

I'll look into this and try some of my own pads.

BTW it's great you got it running on a crt. I's something I've wanted to try but not managed to do. Please send a picture if you can. 

"Is it possible the pads have been setup to work with another opengl game and DP2 is using the same config?"

No, I'm sure.

Another problem I found with previous demo version was the config not saving, but I think this was working on the last version. I'll test to ensure.

As you can see in the pictures you can see it's pixel perfect, although the colors looks better live. The photos looks desaturated.

Many thanks!

So it seems that the FNA Framework has added support for ps1/2 pads. 

I'm not sure what I can do to disable it as it's all happening in the background. I'll look into it some more. 


Hi! I wanted you to know that I have no longer this problem:

The new x360ce version let you convert dinput to xinput and hide the original dinput pads, so now I don't have the double input problem anymore. Thanks anyway!