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I don't seem to be able to message you here. Could you email me at j DOT Common AT csr-studios DOT com and I'll sort you out. 

If I had 30 more minutes I would have added the bar.  I think making the stage bigger took priority in the last hour.

Interesting game with a cool health mechanic

Only issue was you can shoot into other rooms to kill the enemies without them shooting back. 

I was going to do a proper tutorial but didn't have the time. I hoped that if I forced players to do the assimilate action once it would teach them how to do it.

Sorry just saw this.
Did you have any luck getting it to work?

The game currently uses a framework that over time has introduced issues with different hardware. I would like to replace it but this takes time and could be months away.

I'll look into this. I've never used the itch app.

It does sound like a folder is missing. 

Make sure you take everything out of the zip file before running the game. 

So it seems that the FNA Framework has added support for ps1/2 pads. 

I'm not sure what I can do to disable it as it's all happening in the background. I'll look into it some more. 

I may need to look into this But I don't think direct input pads should work by default.

Is it possible the pads have been setup to work with another opengl game and DP2 is using the same config?

I'll look into this and try some of my own pads.

BTW it's great you got it running on a crt. I's something I've wanted to try but not managed to do. Please send a picture if you can. 

Could you try reinstalling your graphics card's drivers?
That fixed this issue for others.

I'd love my game to be added.

Hey thanks.

The game will be $10-12 when released.

What part isn't working? The xbox 360 controller or the 2 player? It should all be working right on macs.

Yes and yes.

Thanks. This build is from october so there have been lots of changes since then.
Anything in perticular you think needs polish?

PS4 pads are supported. I think you might need a driver but no program like "xpadder" or "joytokey" is needed.


Sorry for the very late reply. Same computer multiple control pads.