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Got a decent amount done today I guess?

  • Camera system now has 3 modes that the player can switch between: "fixed", "smooth", and "grid" (inspired by classic Zelda).
  • Made HUD more minimal. Before with the bigger HUD you couldn't see where you were going when travelling vertically using the "gird" camera. I also made it go half opacity when player is at the top or bottom of the screen, to minimise issues with the "grid" camera even further.
  • Changed my font from monospaced to proportional.
  • Made a few more sprites, implemented collisions, and tried my hands on a logo. Also obvious inspiration from Zelda, lol. Might as well steal everything now that I'm at it!
  • Drew the player character is high-res to get an idea of her design. 8x8 is cute, but really hard to imagine how the clothing etc. works. Should be easier to animate now that I know how she looks, too! (pose from here)


I love the Zelda style font on the title you've got going, very fine work.