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The game does not work. I have tried downloading, re-downloading, and deleting and then downloading again. In all cases, the only thing that happens when I hit launch is a black window pops up and does not change. There is no memory or disk calls, so nothing is being loaded- it's just an empty window. Opening the index.html file in a web browser shows a single green box.

This game is meant to run in a browser, it's not a downloadable game. Can you play it on in a browser?

If you want to run it locally you have to go through some extra steps like running a local server, sorry!

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Are you absolutely retarded..?

What made you think this game is meant to be downloaded? Why did you jump through whatever insane hoops one would need to jump through in order to download this web-based game in the first place? And after doing so, why would you act surprised/confused when it didn't work as intended?

There is something seriously wrong with you.


Because I accessed it through the launcher, which ordinarily has downloadable files to run.


I see. Well I'd ditch that launcher then. That isn't even a launcher if it's just giving you files to launch yourself. I knew had a launcher (because of gog galaxy 2.0) but didn't realize it was that trash

Ditch it come to the web-side.

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Oh my god, this is epic. I actually downloaded a game and now I have all these xml files with all the constructions etc. This would help a lot when making decisions during Impossible difficulty. Maybe I could even figure out how to run it with which local server and play it offline.

P.S. As for you - if you downloaded a game via launcher then run it via launcher.