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Rainbow Trenchcoat

A member registered Jul 07, 2018

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Because I accessed it through the launcher, which ordinarily has downloadable files to run.

The game does not work. I have tried downloading, re-downloading, and deleting and then downloading again. In all cases, the only thing that happens when I hit launch is a black window pops up and does not change. There is no memory or disk calls, so nothing is being loaded- it's just an empty window. Opening the index.html file in a web browser shows a single green box.

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I have a similar problem- I bought the game in EA, I can still update and run it just fine- but on the game's page in the launcher it says I haven't bought it.

Edit- while copying the original purchase link into the itch launcher did eventually let me get the steam key (after several verification steps), the itch launcher itself still claims I don't own the game. Seems a bit odd, that.

Robot definitely feels a fair bit easier now, which I like.

Any idea when the next non bugfix update will be?