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The game is done using Phaser 3, coded in Visual Studio Code and maybe I should make some sort of post-mortem about it :)

1. In short - yes, you're right :D It's as confusing in Polish, haha

2. I haven't made a page like that, so unless there's a community-created one, I don't think so!

as for 3. - you can sell a well (or anything from the map) at any point during your turn to free the space for a sump.

This game is meant to run in a browser, it's not a downloadable game. Can you play it on in a browser?

If you want to run it locally you have to go through some extra steps like running a local server, sorry!

I see you had a construction started - maybe that was it?

You're probably trying to launch it locally from your drive? That will not work unless you run a local server. It's much easier to just run it directly from the game's page, using a compatible browser (basically any browser that can run HTML5 content should be fine). 

Thanks for the feedback! 

Those are just construction "schematics" for Water-wheel and Bucket-wheel, you need to build them first.

Cieszę się, że się naprawiło :) My nic nie zmienialiśmy - przynajmniej jeszcze nie :D

No. At least, you shouldn't, if you do it's a bug

You can only use wells for an event that has a chance to pop up.

Dzięki za sugestie :) sortowanie w magazynach jest teraz testowane i powinno wejść w najbliższej aktualizacji.

Z tymi drobnymi glitchami też walczę, mam nadzieję że uda je się wyeliminować. 

Thanks! Have you tried updating your Chrome?

Hi! I'm happy you liked the game.

And the sorting button is actually a pretty nice idea! I'll see if adding it is possible :D

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Can you help provide the medieval town of Grudziądz with water?

Waterworks! is a short strategy/card game about water supply in a medieval town. You manage your deck, craft new cards by constructing new buildings, hire water carts and place wells to make sure all houses in town have enough water!

The game is 100% free and you can play it in your browser (mobile friendly).

Play the game here:

>>> <<<