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64x64 UFOs

Hi guys, I am new here and I have joined after have seen the competition.

I have no much time to develop the game since I am busing developing my first game but I was interested in the jam as personal challenge. So I have developed 64x64 UFOs just for fun. It took me 15 hours to make it (including lunch and dinner break).

I am pretty satisfied about the work done even if the game isn't perfect.

I wish you good luck with your games!

Hi, you can make the size of your game screen bigger by changing Viewport Dimensions on your game's edit page. Try something like 640x640. Right now it's really small in the browser.

Hi, I have uploaded a new version of the game. Now it is possible to upscale it.
By default it starts at 256x256 (scaled from 64x64) and I added the fullscreen button but the mouse pointer looks too tiny now. Should I change it as well?

Thanks for your suggestion :-)

Much easier to see now.