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really cool game!

it would be great if the game was able to read tweets in real time instead of having to download a new build. looking forward to the post-jam build so i can play my tweet!

That tweet that says it takes a new build is outdated. I read the jam rules about build updates about an hour before the deadline and updated it to pull tweets when the game boots up. Should update after about 10 min! Real time would have been awesome but I couldn't get it set up in those last few minutes! 

oh wait how does that work? do i have to have the game open for 10 minutes for it to work?

Nah reboot it 10 min after the tweet. It pulls them at start up but my automation to pull tweets and push them to the file it checks runs every 10 min

well I just realized I restarted my machine & that stopped the automation. Turning it back on now. Sorry for all the confusion my fault