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Hey Nick,

My email is jamesreg1973@gmail.com

I never got a notification of your reply I am still very interested in any star trek related stuff you would be willing to share with me. Backgrounds, sprites or anything really.  Depending on what you got I might throw together a small game with it or they will more then likely be used as placeholders for a larger trek project I am working on. Thanks again or the offer to share sorry It took me so long to get back to you. We been remaking some of the original series episodes with fill in art right now we just finished city on the edge of forever the other day. If you want or would like to beta test any of these let me know. I am working between two different artist and trying to make a deal with them right now for the final art but your stuff will help us move forward quite a bit.

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Hi James, 

You'll probably see the email before this reply, but I've just sent over what I've got. 

Have fun and best of luck with your project.