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How long will you be on your current project before being able to accept more commisions? When you are free I would like you to consider doing a commision for me ill pay for you to continue this project and greatly expand it and will pay well. This has been what I have been looking for for quite some time. it reminds me of the early Ultima games but updated.

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Hey Nick,

My email is

I never got a notification of your reply I am still very interested in any star trek related stuff you would be willing to share with me. Backgrounds, sprites or anything really.  Depending on what you got I might throw together a small game with it or they will more then likely be used as placeholders for a larger trek project I am working on. Thanks again or the offer to share sorry It took me so long to get back to you. We been remaking some of the original series episodes with fill in art right now we just finished city on the edge of forever the other day. If you want or would like to beta test any of these let me know. I am working between two different artist and trying to make a deal with them right now for the final art but your stuff will help us move forward quite a bit.

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I would like to find a basic artist who can make backgrounds like this for AGS.

I had once got fairly far into creating a Trek game in AGS. Here is a link to some of the work we did only got as far as a Demo.

We had a team working on it that was pretty far along with it and with everyone being beginners it was a rather impressive project for our skill level at the time. We set our goals a little to high at the time and that combined with issues like one team member being deployed overseas, One going though a divorce, One getting married and all sorts of life changes the team fell apart half way along the way. But it was indeed some of the most fun I ever had. I vowed I would come back and at some point finish an AGS project that was trek related at some point.

After seeing your graphics and art I enjoyed the simple old school graphics that still caught the feel very much of early Trek.

It has inspired me to once again now that I have more time on my hands to dig into a Trek adventure. I can program but am not much of an artist at all even simple art is not my thing. I quite clearly suck at any artistic things like that.

I would like to do an AGS Trek Project that is not a full game but rather the basis for a Game or for others to make their own.

I always loved adventure games and Judgement rights and 25th anniversary was my favorite Trek Games. One thing I always hated about games like that though was that you could never fully explore the Enterprise. You got to see rooms based on Plot or areas would be blocked off to prevent you from truly having open world on the ship. Now I understand why it is done like that.

But I always wanted to see an adventure game where you could be on the bridge and go to the turbolift and go to all the decks and see all the rooms and interact with the ship as if you were really aboard a star ship.

I even mapped out how I would do it programming wise for instance a large number of decks would use the same floor plan for the hallways and such so you could create one series of backgrounds for the corridors and as you entered one room or another a script would fire and decide what deck you was on and take you to a different room giving the appearance of much more backgrounds then there really was. simple things like changing some of the wall art as objects here or there could make the decks look slightly different. The entire ship could be layed out with basically just the main rooms we seen on the show and one set of backgrounds for corridors. Not as much work as it sounds actually.

My goal would be to have someone make the backgrounds I would need and then allow me to lay them out in AGS and program everything where you could explore the ship and interact with it in many cool ways.

No story or plot just exploration and interacting with the environment and ship.

Leave it at the moment as a springboard to go back later and be able to push out some trek adventures whenever I wanted or if the artist was willing release the project as a means of having the basics for others to release their own trek adventures.

If it worked well other areas like basic planet backgrounds or classic trek locations and such could be added as well as a sprite pack with most main characters and animations from the series.

Seems like a lot but without the stress of a story, plot and all that at the moment and mainly just art creation and interactions it would me a much easier project then it sounds and could be simply worked on as one had time

Would you be into considering working on this with me?

If not the whole project would you be willing to share the art you did for the above project and allow me to play around with trying to test my skills again at some art myself? Or possibly helping just with a few backgrounds ?