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The writing is charming, and I enjoyed playing. Somehow I got a higher chivalry score messing around on the second run than when I was trying to make good decisions in the first one, haha.

There were a few minor typos and missing images, but they didn't largely affect the experience. As it goes with this type of game, it's possible for the outcome of using an item to be different from what we imagined, but I think that's part of the fun. I wish I could have used my trusty chicken companion for all the challenges I faced. Alas, they were eaten in the first event.

Reading some of the other comments, it seems that there were multiple random outcomes with each item at each event, which I suppose I should have understood. I must have missed that detail. That's quite a bit of writing, nice work sorting that all out. Adds quite a bit of replay value that way. 

One note, on the screens presenting what I see would be the random outcomes, I was a little confused because they appeared like links in color and presentation, but were not clickable. Also, after playing for a while, it seemed the music either ended or stopped looping, but this was not a problem for the normal runtime of the first playthrough.

You've got a fun character voice in the writing and a well-executed take on the jam's theme. Nice work.


Hi Riley, thanks for taking the time to play and for such thoughtful feedback! Really glad you enjoyed it a couple of times through, and that it has that replay value!

Definitely aware of the typos and link issues to fix (like you said, gave myself a lot to write in a short space of time!) And the ‘choices‘ looking like they would function as links but failing too was actually a deliberate choice to make you feel ‘out of control’, but with more time I’d find a way for an extra dialogue box to appear to explain this when you try to click them. 

And there would be more of a deliberate scoring system, rather than a randomly decided chivalry rank at the end, to reward your more thoughtful decisions - but, sadly also, ran out of time to implement.

Lots to play around with in a second attempt, but great to hear you had a good time with the jam version