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This looks so promising! Sadly I can't test it yet, but I will try to grab the first Windows I will see :D My Macbook Pro 2015, macOS Mojave 10.14.6 only opened it and kept a black screen. After 5 Minutes of "circle of death" still nothing. Maybe this helps a tiny bit :)

Hi, if you can see the startup screen it should run ok.

Try this:

Select 'New Game'
Then when the game starts hit esc, it will open a menu where you can select graphics, lower the resolution and it should be ok, there is a bug with the eyes opening which is different depending on your resolution and aspect ratio.

Thanks for checking it out :)

Hi! Shot for your reply! But it doesn't start for me at all. No startup screen ... just ... pure darkness. :D Don't worry I really want to check it out and will try on a Windows soon.


The game was built in Unity on a Mac, so should run ok, I'm on Mac OS Catalina.

This is very weird. So, I just blaim it on me. Don't mind me ;)