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Picked up the game. Accidentally got addicted to the game (easily makes top 10 in the genre)

First off, your characters are amazingly believable. Real people with real, messed-up lives and drama that is NOT manufactured for the sake of "Oh, I guess I need a conflict" but because of real life feelings. Makes the game brutal, but I think this is probably the most invested I've been in a cast in... awhile? And one of few where I care about making friends with other characters while on a route.

Dallas's route made me cry a little, and I loved the direction Wizz's went.

So... bugs:

Important but unhelpfully vague: There was a glitch on the "Public opinion" in free play where a series of errors popped up and "Ignore" loaded a screen with two of the "Top Album" and three of the "Top Single" boxes were missing, along with the back button. Clicking any of the forum threads resulted in the same errors popping up. It wasn't a problem with variables; I'm assuming it was a hiccup with the script that generates the list? This only occurred once, and it was three in the morning, so uselessly I find that I have no recollection of the error beyond the fact that it was more code than I wanted to interpret at that hour. (Sorry!) And since I had to start from scratch I lost that file and the traceback for it.

Less important: When viewing Collin's route unlocked via cheats in "Memorabilia", "Choreography" starts with an undefined variable "topics_story". Assuming it's the fact that nothing was unlocked organically. Ignoring lets everything play naturally.

Also triggered Robin getting her bass back (and fixed) before the "Confronting Sterling" arc. It... killed the tension of that arc a bit when she was frantically looking for something she already had in her possession.

After playing through Wizz's romance route, "Contingency", his dates, his hangouts, and a handful of Open-Ended mode scenes didn't unlock for me in the Memorabilia. (Also, not a bug but a minor gripe: the tabletop scene unlocks way before I get the option to trigger his romance every time I've played (whether I'm actively befriending him or not) It'd be cool to have a better chance of seeing v2, or at least getting a follow up comment if you get together after the scene?)

How painful is it to romance Wizz? I'm actually really hesitant because of their initial relationship. I mean one of the potential conversation starters between him is literally just "fuck you." XD

Ha! I get you. I was hesitant at first, too. Normally I'm skeptical about their type of relationship but... I think it's actually one of the ones that makes me happiest once they get to the end. The date scenes are really sweet.

Won't lie, there are some nasty words exchanged up until they get together (and that takes a long while compared to the other boys). The "Fuck you" is pretty friendly compared to some of the conversations they have. Robin, being Robin, has her temper, which puts her very close to the "This relationship is irredeemable" line once or twice in terms of actions, and Wizz says some nasty stuff that is, again, very close to making him an irredeemable jackass. But... to me they never went too far, and the resolution and the *why* to their actions is one of my favorite scenes in Free Play. If you can manage, I'd definitely recommend it.

i managed to get through dallas so i guess i can handle this lol

Do you know if you can romance him if Rose is in the band, or would it be like Faust and Emma, where you don't stand a chance? Granted I'd feel bad for Rose if I did that. XD

You can romance him with Rose in the band. I trigger his scenes before an confesses that she's crushing on him, so I'm not sure how her romance plays out otherwise, but there's no block. (I do feel bad though. Rose is so sweet)

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i had rose in the band and it hurts my heart when she finds out. sebastian asks if everyones happy with this and basically everyone but rose says yes. she just awkward laughs then pauses and says maybe. even xander and collin are ok 9or are at least acting ok. i litrally did the scene with every possible character lol) even tho the like robin but poor rose is heartbroke :(

I feel like you could interpret that either way, though.

Thank you for this report. I'm going to look into these and try to get them patched. Glad you gave the game a try! :D