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I believe they're still working on it. Just gonna take some time. I'm looking forward to Emmett's route. Still waiting for those two to be official lol.

I have sadness. :'(

Is chapter 10 going to be the last? If not, is there currently a planned number?

As a cat person, I shouldn't be laughing so hard. That is absolutely horrible. Wtf, Sebastian? XD

Ah, my bad, then. Thanks for clarifying.

Emmitt was at Tracy's Bar and asked Owen for a brew. Robin laughed and narrated that the law said he couldn't drink for another year.

I'm a tad confused about the timeskip in Open Mode. I had assumed it was a year, based on Robin's hair and the month. Which would mean two years after Story Mode starts, but Emmitt's stated to be twenty in Open Mode. So what exactly is the timeline between the two?

I feel like you could interpret that either way, though.

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Oh, damn, that worked, lol. Little glitch/oversight with the hair during one of the later scenes, though. That ending with the brother was kind of dark, though. Robin really needs to go to AA.

Anyway, thanks. I wonder if it fixed things with Collin. I doubt it, but I guess I'll check. I don't think I saw any new scene in the memorabilia for him, so it looks like that solution is just Faust-related.

Update: I used the cheat code to unlock memorabilia, looked at "The Duet" and then went back to hang out with him, but it didn't work like with Faust, unfortunately.

Another update: *flips table* I GOT IT! I have no idea how, but I got it!

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Wondering, when was the last time the walkthrough was updated? I know some things, at least in my version, aren't totally up-to-date. For instance, there are scenes not listed in the walkthrough, scenes the walkthrough says haven't come out yet, etc.

On another note, I love the song at the end of Dallas' route. Can I buy it on something like iTunes? I haven't been able to find it anywhere. So far the only way I've been able to listen to it is by replaying the scene over and over, lol.

Do you know if you can romance him if Rose is in the band, or would it be like Faust and Emma, where you don't stand a chance? Granted I'd feel bad for Rose if I did that. XD

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I ended up deleting the post somehow, so I don't know what I said. They had sex in a flashback, if that's what you mean. I just realized I have the scenes at the beach. The ones I'm missing are Roof A, the two after Bass Guitar (I have no clue what those are, so it's possible I didn't see them) and the flashback after Love. I followed the walkthrough, so I wouldn't have gotten anything outside of that. If there was a scene where they had sex in the present then I didn't get it. :P

EDIT: Okay, I think I found the problem the walkthrough says July year 2 or later. I extended the time until the AMPs by spacing out the scenes since they start in May but "By the Pier" requires it to be at least July. Even when I do that, I still matter have nowhere near enough time to activate the scene. Between the time I finally get Beach II, it's almost time for the AMPs. If I hang out with Dallas, I can only get one scene a week. I don't have enough time to get "By the Pier" because the AMPs automatically start. It's impossible, unless I'm doing something wrong. It's a shame because I'm really curious to see the scenes. I think part of the problem is that those scenes don't count as required scenes. I'm forced to go to the AMPs after triggering all of the romance scenes, but since those don't count there's no guarantee I'll get them in time, if at all. I've tried about five times, and it isn't working for me. The time limit is too short.

Yes, it is.

The walkthrough calls it "Sebastian's Warning", so yeah, probably.

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Are a lot of scenes triggered by affection? Which I assume relies a lot on gifts? I haven't been able to access Faust's scene after the guitar pick or the Duet hang out with Collin despite max affection. A lot of the scenes prove very difficult to trigger compared to the main story, though I suppose that's since it's still a work in progress. I'm just interested since the stories are so interesting, lol.

But seriously, great job with all of the stories. I never thought I'd play something as good as, if not better than, Seduce Me 2 and Cinderella Phenomenon.

Anyway, sorry for all the notifications I'm probably giving you.

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It's probably because I'm using word.

On another note, and sorry for the bother in advance, how do I hang out with Collin? I haven't gotten anymore conversation options with him.

I just finished it a few days ago, so I guess it depends on when you updated it. It's Dallas, "Dallas vs. Sterling', "The Dark", "The Peer", and the flashback after the one called "Love".

Btw did you know the walkthrough has random characters in it? Chinese or Japanese, I can't tell which. It's still understandable but I just found it a little odd, lol.

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That really is the best way to write, imo. Beau's romance is also a lot better than I thought it would be. I had to go get my box of tissues again, lol. The part about the miscarriage killed me. I can't believe Sterling could talk about something like that as if it were no big deal to him. Though I'm surprised it never came up again, or at least it hasn't yet. It kind of seemed like an odd thing to just randomly shove in there. Nonetheless, all these horrible things that happened to her just break my heart. Dallas will always be my favorite, though. I have a thing for angsty romances and the friends-become-lovers trope.

Another thing I noticed, not sure if it's a glitch or what, is that some of the memorabilia that I definitely got doesn't show up.

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I'm really enjoying the game so far. The story is interesting, and the romances are all very unique. I mean, on Emmitt's I felt all butterflies and annoyance at Robin's denseness, now I'm romancing Dallas and I'm anguished and in tears. Good job, I mean it, lol. I'll also add that I am not one who laughs very easily, but this game has made me laugh so many times. Nicely done.

A couple of bugs I thought were noteworthy, though. I romanced Dallas so I had all the scenes with getting back the guitar, but even before then I got a cutscene where Robin gets her guitar delivered to her. I'm guessing that wasn't supposed to happen. Needless to say it made me extremely confused and I eventually realized it was a bug. Also at the AMPS Robin is wearing her dress, then when she goes to get air and sees Joel and Natasha, she's suddenly wearing her casual clothing and is for the remainder of the awards.

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Is it all just star quality? It's really hard since whenever I increase star quality another skill is brought down. And even star quality only helps so little. :/

It's fun so far, but I suck at mazes, so I don't see myself getting any endings aside from "Love Without Answers", lol. Nice job, and cute art.

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My first playthrough I learned of the twist. Second I didn't, and I tried on the shoe. I'm reading the epilogue, and the dramatic irony is absolutely amazing. It was all extremely creative.

Question: why is this tagged as an otome?

Cute story. I very much enjoyed it. :)

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Took me about two hours, maybe? My reading speed is about average. Possibly a little bit lower.

Okay, I haven't played this game in a while, so you're going to have to remind me when the heck that happens. XD

Played this game on Steam. Totally twisted and I love it! I really liked the idea of playing as the villain (or anti-hero, depending on route). Very creative, beautiful art and a fascinating tale.

Absolutely amazing. It was hilarious and creepy, and I was very happy to see the happy ending. That part with the mace cracked me up. Loved it.

'You realize Yandere-dev didn't coin the term "Yandere", right? Anyway, Ayano Aishi's story is completely different to this one's.