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Only thing I can recommend to the people having issues is using PayPal instead. That works. Otherwise, idk what you can do.

I can't choooooose XD

A dating sim where everyone is unbearable. Well, that's certainly quite the twist! Keeping things fresh.

I think one of the coolest things about this, to me, is how there are so many decisions down to the littlest things that it makes your playthrough feel so unique, like it's astronomically improbable that there's anyone out there who had the exact same playthrough as you. I also very much like just how realistic it is, especially with how some things in life just come and go in life. How we might have loved something or someone at some point and then later on in life never think about them again.

oooh, exciting 

omg for real? Exciting lol

Love that there are different perspectives of the plot. Is this like CinPhen, where it's recommended you play the routes in a certain order for the purpose of further exploring the plot each time around?

omg the designs are so cute, I love.

Cinderella Phenomenon. You can find it on itchio or Steam.

omg it's Mamotte Lollipop lol. Welp, looks interesting, and I look forward to finishing my playthrough.

I'd love to be able to just purchase the game as a whole instead of saving up on coins and keys for over a year.

I'm in love with Thisbe. Totally understand why you can't romance her, of course. I wouldn't romance Seren if I were her, either. XD

Loving this so far. I was like "omg I'm getting Total Recall vibes" lol. And of course I LOVE that there are two paths. There are VNs out there that have less replay value because it's basically just mildly different scenes when you have different romance options. One of the things I absolutely love about CinPhen and Seduce Me 2 is that the replay value is great because the paths all differ. So having different paths to romance the other half of the romance options in this VN is great. Can't wait to romance Emrys. Gonna be difficult coz I have zero clue how his mind works. Like trying to get Solas's approval all over again lol

Take your time, and have fun at WattCon!

Now you guys have got me extremely curious lol. Off two do another playthrough. Can't wait for the final product!

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Oh holy crap, is there gonna be a season 3? Hell yeah. Too bad I'm super impatient. Maybe it would've been best to wait a few years before playing so I wouldn't get so utterly obsessed. XD Excited but low key heartbroken coz I'm guessing we won't be playing as the General next time around.

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Chapter 1 or 2 where you're at a campfire with Virion, the background of the camp is all rainbow color and glitchy. Then in chapter 6 is a really weird glitch. I got a romance scene with Argandea where I pin him down to the bed and stuff when I didn't romance him but not when I did.

Also, I don't know if it's also a bug or not, but if you romance Raelan, Virion has some huge love confession and then when you see Argandea they talk about how they have a relationship so idk if that's intentional or not. Was just kinda odd.

ETA: Ah, overlaps with ChaoticAngel's comment. Yes, that also happened to me. I was also romancing Virion, so idk if it's a thing specific with him (didn't happen when I romanced Raelan), but I'm guessing it just somehow switched things up and tagged the romance scene as friendship and the friendship scene as romance.

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Just wanted to share how much I'm adoring this. Finished season 1 last night and was sobbing like a baby. Exhausted just about every love interest story out of curiosity and all were great in their own way. Love the emphasis on friendship and platonic love in the non-romance route, too. Totally obsessed with this. Got several docs I've created to keep track of my stuff and am even writing my own codex entries while the official one is still in progress. I'm also blown away by the art upgrade. This VN is absolutely one of the best I've played. Thank you for sharing your amazing story!

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I'm sobbing. That was amazing.

No trouble at all, in the long run. It was a lovely VN!

Ah, maybe that's it and I just need a mouse to scroll down. I usually just use my pad.

Loving it so far. Only issue I'm having, which I wasn't earlier oddly enough, is that the History is only showing things that happened a while while back and takes quite a bit to catch up. I can never look and see what was said like, a line ago.

So aside from the VAs, is there anything new about the revamp? If so, how much? Just wondering coz I got this back when it was free to download, pre-VAs. 

I believe they're still working on it. Just gonna take some time. I'm looking forward to Emmett's route. Still waiting for those two to be official lol.

I have sadness. :'(

Is chapter 10 going to be the last? If not, is there currently a planned number?

As a cat person, I shouldn't be laughing so hard. That is absolutely horrible. Wtf, Sebastian? XD

Ah, my bad, then. Thanks for clarifying.

Emmitt was at Tracy's Bar and asked Owen for a brew. Robin laughed and narrated that the law said he couldn't drink for another year.

I'm a tad confused about the timeskip in Open Mode. I had assumed it was a year, based on Robin's hair and the month. Which would mean two years after Story Mode starts, but Emmitt's stated to be twenty in Open Mode. So what exactly is the timeline between the two?

I feel like you could interpret that either way, though.

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Oh, damn, that worked, lol. Little glitch/oversight with the hair during one of the later scenes, though. That ending with the brother was kind of dark, though. Robin really needs to go to AA.

Anyway, thanks. I wonder if it fixed things with Collin. I doubt it, but I guess I'll check. I don't think I saw any new scene in the memorabilia for him, so it looks like that solution is just Faust-related.

Update: I used the cheat code to unlock memorabilia, looked at "The Duet" and then went back to hang out with him, but it didn't work like with Faust, unfortunately.

Another update: *flips table* I GOT IT! I have no idea how, but I got it!