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can robin do singing and bass in open mode like with s tory mode? if i put her on babss and press the mic button?

i didnt but it fixed itself n ow

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i had rose in the band and it hurts my heart when she finds out. sebastian asks if everyones happy with this and basically everyone but rose says yes. she just awkward laughs then pauses and says maybe. even xander and collin are ok 9or are at least acting ok. i litrally did the scene with every possible character lol) even tho the like robin but poor rose is heartbroke :(

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all new songs are suddenly listed as untitled is there anything I can do to fix that? same with a lot of the songs and albums on the top charts. might only be on that file tho. ill see what happens if i nake a new one. also i ussually don't point out typos since i always make them but there was one really important typo thata completely changes the meaning of the sentence. idk maybe it's n ot a typo. but when talking about dallas and sterling natasha says to robin "you love sterling." present tense. as if she is still in love with sterling. unless that's what she meant. i was just really confused by that. and idk if its an all the time thing but when i got hte scene where sebastian finds out robin is with wizz that when seth talk it  has his name as sterling

i just did a run with beau and i h ad seth in the band. when he talked it still said sterling so i think that might be a continous thing. speaking of that does beau know seth slept with robin because he was definitely not happy to see him lol

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basty's been back for a while. some of these cut scenes just don't seem to like me lol. first colin now wzz. probably just a problem on my end since others aren't having a problem.

found a solution! i just had to go restart and then never do the private gig lol. i think there might be a problem with sebastian's gig. i mean i did that and then i got up to the second scene with stella and the scene after that wouldnt trigger so i had to redo it again. ithink i had to do all of wizz's story before i could do sebastian's because if not then i cant do the wizz route

i have a question about wizz.  after namecalling is apologies. it says its supposed to be automatic but is it supposed to start immediately after? because its been over a week ingame and ih avent gotten the scene yet. 

i finally got ti sort of. like i said i originally got the scene with sebastian but i reloaded cuz rose got stressed and i lost her approval. so i wasnt able to get the scene again but i did get the guitar pick one. i looked at the scene with sebastian in the memorabilia and iit was like that was enough to trigger the scene in the game. so i guess my suggestion would be check in case you did actually get the scene adn jsut dont remember getting it. then if you play it you should get the next scene in game. at least that was my experience good luck

oh ok that makes sense

i managed to get through dallas so i guess i can handle this lol

How painful is it to romance Wizz? I'm actually really hesitant because of their initial relationship. I mean one of the potential conversation starters between him is literally just "fuck you." XD

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is emma supposed to change clothes twice? i had the scene where she changes clothes and then in another scene she has her old clothes and at band meeting she then is wearing her old one again. the new outfit with the sweater is gone. it came back when we hung out. it's sort of just switching back and forth

not just me with the collin and faust problem then lol. i think. your talking about the one with sebastian warning faust right?tho idid get that one once but i had to reload for something and i now cant get it again