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Thank you for the feedback!

As for the variation, I'm planning to add secondary weapon power-ups and I might add some new enemy types too. I initially planned to generate varying sizes of levels but then settled for the current relatively small size to keep the average level completion time short.

How far did you get? If you got to level 8, then you probably saw all the enemies there are.

The game is being developed on Linux too ;)

Thanks for pointing out the missing input methods. I had forgotten to fill any of the metadata for the game.

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I’m not sure, level 6 maybe? I’ve encountered the exploding sphere things, are there any enemies beyond that? I might replay and see if there’s more.

I think different wall textures and some decoration objects would already add a lot of variation to the levels. And maybe some windows to make levels feel a bit less isolated. The game takes place in space, right?

I’ve noticed an earlier version of this game that was created for the Linux Game Jam 2019. It’s so awesome! I develop all my games on Linux too. I’m hoping to participate in the next LGJ. :-)


There's one more enemy type coming after that. It has the same model for now,  but very different behavior ;)

One item  on my task list is to experiment with decals to add variation to walls. At one point, I tried differently colored wall "themes" used for certain parts of  the level to add variation and help with navigation, but I never got it to look good enough, so I removed it.

The isolated and claustrophobic feel is sort of intentional. I haven't really made up my mind about where the maze is located but space is one option. Now that  there are no windows, I don't have to choose :)